Friday, September 2, 2016

Exclusive Ways to Use Technology In Your Small Business Blueprint

Technology can in no small ways help and offers plenty opportunities for a small business owner with little capital.  Although, there are many tech tools in the market today, but with the right and perfect high tech in place, it makes marketing, planning, execution and managing of organization much easier than anticipated. In others, you may need to make some changes to gain the benefits of these tech-friendly changes. The good news is that the benefits will often overshadow the temporary encounters of the in-between procedure, once your new structures are in place.

You can use Business Intelligence Software to make smoother conclusions.
Business Intelligence software, or BI software as it fondly called, is software that is designed to automatically analyze and organize various business data for the purpose of better understanding of any business's strengths and weaknesses. BI can handle voluminous amount of unstructured and structured data, which can assist and develop new strategic business prospects

Manage your Finances with Accounting Software
Keeping an income and expenditure account is a vital area in managing a successful  small business setup, as the procedure is tedious, cumbersome and time-consuming if you don’t have the required technology in place. Need for accounting software is a prerequisite for small or medium size business.

You can use a CRM to keep up with your customers
Quite numbers of small businesses today use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to accurately manage data and maintained the continuous level of interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, with the purpose of improving business dealings with customers, supporting in customer retention and motivating sales development.
CRM systems gathered and stored all information’s as related to customer’s personal info, such as telephone, products it has purchased, company’s marketing material presented to them, direct mail, the buying pattern, live chat, purchase history, social media and feedback they have given.

Time-tracking software
Use time Tracking programming Technology to identify what practices lead to wasted time and where you are investing your time, so you can turn out to be more rewarding. With Tracking Time, Maintaining of timesheets for each employee can increase productivity

Use online Video to promote Your Business
Online video has stunned and changes the face of marketing in today world. Small and medium businesses are realizing its potentials; because it has changed the perspective and way viewers involve with ads, content, and even brands. According to Cisco prediction, video marketing will account for nearly 69% of all consumer internet traffic in 2017. And according to Cisco source, online video demand traffic will have almost treble.

Use online Backup files System
One of the benefits derived from using technology to manage your small business, you can use it to preserved and back up all your valuable business data or records instantly—by saving them to a computer in a different locality or a flash drive or on your smartphone. What matter most to entrepreneur, is not the computer but the vital data it contains. You are not given advance notice of when your computer will crash or a burglar will strike. Keep extra data copy at all time, so you will not be caught napping.

To successfully use social media to advance the course of your small business, you have to be an internet savvy and stay up-to-date with all of the latest developments and techniques. 
You can use online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and much more to advance your business course. 
Here is a brief description of aforementioned social networking tools for showcasing your products and services to prospective customers

Instagram is an internet mobile video sharing, picture sharing, and social networking facility that permits its users to share their pictures in public or in secret on the app, at the same time at other various alternative social networking platforms, like Twitter, Tumblr, facebook, WhatsApp, and Flickr.

Facebook is a free social networking website designed for all kind of users from around the world. It allows for creation and customization of profiles with photos, videos, information about themselves for the purpose of sharing it with colleagues, family and friends.

Twitter is a free social networking site, which allows its registered users to publish short posts popularly known as tweets that are instantly visible to others.  Users are at liberty to follow each other tweets by using multiple devices and platforms. Tweets and response to tweets are sent by either posting at or by text messages, cell phone, and desktop client. The messages cannot be more than 140 characters or less.

Pinterest might be a free site but require registration before use. Users allow organizing, saving, sorting and uploading images - known as pins and alternative media content (e.g., videos) through accumulation called Pinboards. Pinterest acts as a customized media platform, any pin-ner can take after another

It is a statement of fact, that technology has virtually changed the way business is done today, faster and accurate than before.  Business environment can be challenging for small business owners, however, if those outlined strategies are applied judiciously, it can impact positively or boost your revenue.

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